Jan 6, 2009

Green Tips to Save the Earth - WATER


  1. Replace or repair loose seals on your toilet and taps promptly. Ten drips per minute wastes about 3,000 litres of water a year.


  1. Remember to turn off all taps after use.
  2. Use a container for washing, brushing your teeth or shavingImage than rinsing in running water. You can save up to fiver litres of water each time.
  3. Don't wash clothes or vegetables under running taps.
  4. Do not use an excessive quantity of detergent when washing clothes or household utilities as more water is needed for rinsing them off.
  5. Water your plants Imageonly when necessary.
  6. Change fish tank water only when necessary. Use a better filtering system to maintain water quality.
  7. Water can be used again. Save your bath slops to wash the floor.
  8. Be economical with your washing machine and dishwasher. Save for a bigger wash and cut down the rinse cycle.
  9. Teach your children that water is not for games.
  10. Install low-flow tap.
  11. Install flow restrictors, self-closing taps, sensors, etc.
  12. By taking a shower instead of a bath, you use only one fifth of the water.


  1. Do not flush unnecessarily. Eleven litres of water are used every time you flush the toilet. A large family may waste up to 100 litres every day.
  2. Adjust the flushing water of your cistern to a minimum required level.
  3. Use waste water instead of drinking water to flush the toilet if there is no supply of sea water for flushing.
  4. Install two-flow flushing system to your cistern to reduce water use.