Feb 11, 2009

Save Money on Gas

Easy Ways To Save Money On Gas

Save Money Every Time You Fill Your Tank

1. Steady speed
Try to drive at a steady speed, because slowing down and speeding up will waste fuel.

2. Limit your speed
Speeds above 55 mph will degrease your gas mileage by 20% due to wind resistance. Limit your high speed between 40mph and 55mph. This will save you a lot on fuel.

3. Quick starts
Try to avoid quick acceleration starts (so called Jackrabbit starts.) Quick start will waste a lot of fuel. Also leave enough space between you and the car in front of you during rush hour. This way you can keep the car in motion.

4. Close windows
If you’re on the freeway, keep the windows closed as much as possible. Open windows on high speeds can cause a lot of drag and thus more fuel consumption.

5. Carpool
Try to carpool as much as possible. This way you and your fellow drivers will save both a lot of money on fuel. Also you drive less with your own car (if you switch between your car and the car of your carpool partner) so you have less wear on your car parts, thus fewer repairs are needed.

6. Shop for cheap gas
The price of gas may vary from gas-station to gas-station by much as 5-15% per gallon. So, shop around! Find the lowest priced gas within the location of your or work. (Don’t drive to far of course or you won’t save anything.)

7. Regular checkups
Check the pressure of your tires on a regular basis, you will save fuel. Also a tuned car is more fuel-efficient. Also let a mechanic check the alignment of your tires, this will prolong the live of your tires and will get your better mileage.

8. Errands
If you make multiple errands in one week, then try to consolidate in one trip. Avoid excess driving.

9. Sell
If your car uses a lot of fuel, sell it! Buy a more fuel efficient car; this will save you money in the long. (Also smaller cars are usually cheaper.)

10. Simple solution

The last tip is simple. Take public transport, cycle or walk as much as possible. This will save you the most money on gas!